Gastronomad is the most popular domestic travel-culinary show and a real gastronomic adventure. The series reveals the specific tastes of distant lands, culinary customs and refined spices, but also how to get them right to your table.

The story of the journey without borders began with Nenad Gladić – Lepi Brka. For nine years he diligently collected the experiences of people united by the same love and portrayed them in the best way. As part of all gastronomes, those behind the cameras and in front, as part of every food that makes this life as rich as it is, as part of all the stories at the table and wherever there is a good bite, we set off on a new journey with Katarina Petrović Kaja.

Number of episodes:570
Duration:up to 15 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– travel – culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request