Kitchen TV is the only project in the region which is completely dedicated to the best Balkan food, drink, live entertainment, cooking, diet, tourism, culture, tradition and also healthy living habits. Considering that the Balkan area is close by language, culture, mentality and that people of this part of Europe share culinary tradition, the imperative of Kitchen TV editorial policy is to offer content to viewers which will promote all local specificities. Accordingly, Kitchen TV is a unique project on the media scene of the countries of the region.


Program is currently consisted of more than 50 titles, with more than 4000 episodes. Mediterranean scents from Venice to Istanbul, people who enjoy food and life, oriental cakes which go perfectly with the sounds of trumpet, continental traditional recipes, plenty of tastes, smells and colours – all that makes the Balkan cuisine more popular in the world. In our shows you can find traditional dishes and original recipes from the region. But, also interesting stories about culture and tradition – how it looks like and what is served on a real wedding, how to prepare traditional barbecue and Adriatic fish soup. Top notch production HD and 4K creates and provides an unforgettable TV experience.

The perception of gastronomy in the Balkans, in cooperation with local chefs, provides an interesting program and entertainment for the whole family. Kitchen TV will awaken old memories and give you suggestions for new experiences. All this in one place – Kitchen TV- When tastes speak!