Katy at the coast, Katy in the hills

Having returned from the countryside, and because she was hard-working, Katy deserved a vacation at the coast! What she didn’t know was that we sent her there on a mission … Because who else would better find and get into the essence of life at sea than curious Katy the Cook!
It didn’t take long for her to find hard-working people, who, out of their ten fingers, live and love sea life. Gisela and Nesa, academic musicians, organic food producers and nature lovers, were perfect hosts. Little mermaid has learnt a lot, and as hyperactive as she is, didn’t even allow rainy days to spoil her mission. Katy did well, packed her backpack and went to the Montenegrin hills to satisfy her curiosity there and see what was going on, what was being cooked, who was in charge. And the women in charge were two Gordana’s. She got blueberries, cheese and potatoes from them, and a lot of knowledge of the harsh and beautiful life in the hills.
Katy at the coast, Katy in the hills, mission completed successfully. It remains to be seen which stone she will leave unturned next and what other wisdom from the people she will pick up on some new path …

Number of episodes:10
Duration:up to 25 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request