Katy in the countryside

Katy takes her urban charm back to her roots with a rediscovery of the joys of village life; the warm people, the tasty food, homemade drinks and the occasional tractor ride.
Katy in the Countrysidefully illustrates the life of a family living on a mountain, far from civilisation. With an abundance of homemade food, laughter, and also effort and work, her hosts and Katy are teaching us what a peasant life in the countryside is like, when going to the store is only to get beer -because all of the rest the family produces.
The famous cook and food blogger rolled up her sleeves and worked ever job possible in the village –from shearing sheep, cleaning manure, mowing, cutting wood and driving the tractor, and after work, food was prepared in the family circle.

Number of episodes:10
Duration:up to 20 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– reality
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request