Southern cuisine

The story of Southern cuisine in America is a story about returning to the tradition in the nation that became famous for fast food. The South hides the secret of slow life, slowly prepared food and enjoyment at the moment when consumerism entered our kitchens. The breakthrough of the southern table is accompanied by the emancipation and correction of historical injustices that have long been the main hallmark of the region. Walking through this cookbook, which Ninoslav Rupić takes us to, we will also walk through the textbook, where each dish is placed in the context of culture, family, religion and the fight for a better tomorrow.

Ninoslav will teach us, among other things, how to prepare jambalaja, strong maine, kubanos, stew with pine needles, meat loaf, southern steak, classic fried chicken, bacon jam or peanut soup.

Number of episodes:17
Duration:up to 20 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request
Technology:HD, 4K