Wild kitchen

The inspiration for the show came from desire of two cooks Branko Cvetićanin (age 40) and his host Ivica Kovač (age 61) to introduce to the audience to gastronomic tradition of Podunavlje -northern Serbian region around the banks of the Danube.
For centuries the river was a source of life for people who lived by its waters. So the food was not always based on the fish. Ivica teaches younger Branko how to prepare traditional dishes of fish, but also game and local produce. He introduces him toplaces andpeople who live in harmony with nature andrespecting seasons. On their gastronomic way alongside Danube in search of the best quality ingredients for their food, Ivica and Branko will meet fishermen, hunters, wine makers, bee keepers, farmers or even herbalists and many authentic inhabitants of Serbian Danube region. Each episode brings recipes which almost seem like dishes of the wealthiest -grilled wild pheasant, fish paprikas, wild boar bacon in honey, pike perkelt, venison in wine and chestnuts…

Number of episodes:24
Duration:up to 20 minutes
Genre: – travel – culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request