Big snacks by Tom Gretić

There are few chefs from this area who can boast of such a rich professional biography as Tomislav Tom Gretić. He replaced his desire to be a sculptor or painter with another art – culinary, and he achieved the best gastronomic creations in the best hotels and restaurants in Paris, Zurich, Warsaw, Dubai, Rovinj, Dubrovnik, Cres … He was also named the best Croatian chef in 2014. , and became famous by participating in the Croatian edition of the famous Masterchef series.
How do you start when you are a young chef full of ambition? What does it look like to knock on the door of a chef with Michelin stars and simply ask him if there is work to be done? How does it feel to be at the center of a culinary revolution? What is it like to go back to tradition and with the help of a huge amount of acquired knowledge, from a few ingredients, make a classic dish in a completely different way? If you want to hear the answers to these questions and learn from the best, enjoy the relaxed story and recipes of Tom Gretić.

Number of episodes:39
Duration:up to 21 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– culinary TV show
Language:Croatian, Serbian
Graphics:Croatian, Serbian
Subtitles:on request
Technology:HD, 4K