Katy with professionals

Through rain and snow, in bright sunshine and restless Danube waves… Katy arrived everywhere and was not afraid to ask how people live, professionals, craftsmen, experts in their work. The Kitchen TV team has gone through all the seasons, because they themselves are professionals in their field.

The new series “Katy with professionals” deals with hard-working and selfless people, who manage in these times with the help of their capable hands and strong will. She learned the secrets of the trade from them, listened to interesting stories that only life can write and cooked with them what they like to eat the most. “Katy with professionals” is a series that will remind us that decent, hardworking and honest people are the greatest treasure of any society and that we must never forget what the true values are.
Number of episodes:9
Duration:up to 25 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request
Technology:HD, 4K