When the flavors speak

Why do we travel? Why do we look forward to unknown places, new people or food we haven’t tried yet? The trip first took us to the island of Crete, home to the most impressive cuisine in all of Greece. Actor and gastronome Jakov Jevtović decided to try Crete as it is and as it was. The largest Greek island, the cradle of civilization, culture, drama, the place where Zorba was born and Zeus hid from his father Kronos, accepted him and showed that the legend of Cretan hospitality is not just a story. Viewers will be shown the unknown interior of Crete, monasteries, fishing villages and self-sustaining farms that supply restaurants with local products. He heard authentic stories from history and saw unreal treasures of ancient cuisine from the longest-lived people on the planet.
The road took us from Crete to Croatian Podravina. As a young chef, Dražen Jakopović left his native Podravina and traveled a long way. He fulfilled all his boyhood dreams, touched mountain peaks in his work, cooked for people from all four corners of the world. From the best hotels to luxury yachts, from alpine resorts to feasts for the presidents of European countries, Dražen has it all. However, the tastes of childhood are not forgotten. On a motorcycle, with his faithful dog, he returned after many years to his Drava, to his Bilogora, to tell the story of the boy. The smell of the Zlevanka from Sveta Ana, baked in a wood-fired oven, from corn ground on a stone mill, is a special experience. He found new inspiration in the forests of Bilogora, and in Đurđevac he heard the story of the mighty picok, who saved the town from the Turkish invasion. In Podravina they say that Drava is the mother. For generations, people have taken from the generous river, so the food can be nothing but top-quality, real home-made. Dražen took care of this with his friend Čobet, who created a piece of paradise for himself and others on the estate on the Drava. Where better could Dražen end his short nostalgic trip than at a feast of local specialties?
After Podravina, we visited Dubrovnik – the “Pearl of the Adriatic” and recorded the secret gastronomic traditions of the ancient city-republic, as well as the warm human stories of the inhabitants of Dubrovnik, Konavle, Trsteno and Ston.
Number of episodes:11
Duration:up to 35 minutes
Genre: – travelogue
– culinary TV show
Language:Serbian, Croatian
Graphics: Serbian, Croatian
Subtitles:on request
Technology:HD, 4K