Nesa Travka

Irresistible Nebojša Stamenovic from Nis, better known as Nesa Travka, is a well-known mountaineer and great connoisseur of natural nutrition. He cooks, advises, warns about toxins, additives, bad eating habits. Nesa Travka is a man of nature and health and teaches us where to find the right grain, how, when and where to get medicinal or herbs or mushrooms.

His recipes are mostly vegetarian, and food is natural and healthy. In the series “Nesa Travka” we will also find a number of recipes from the Serbian monastery Hilandar on the Holy Mountain, where he worked for many years as a cook.

Number of episodes:81
Duration:up to 20 minutes
Year:2016 – 2019
Genre: – entertainment
– education
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request