Women from Pirot

In Women from Pirot, we are introduced to traditional dishes that date back centuries proving there is more to Balkan cooking than just sarma, ćevapčići and gibanica.Kostić from Pirot proves that our traditional cuisine is something else. In the “Women from Pirot” series we watch how to prepare podvarak, kapama, jani, baklavaand other delicacies that are part of the traditional cuisine of the south of Serbia. Women from Pirot (Piroćanke)is intended for all who want to get to know the gastronomic offer of this specific region (South and South-East Serbia), whether they are tourists or curious foreigners, experienced housewives, young people who want to try something new, but also preserve their tradition.

Number of episodes:10
Duration:up to 15 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– travel – culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request