Maxi neighbors

Maxi Neighbors is a series about the gastronomic magic of two creatives who cook us specialties of everyday, but also top cuisine. Tatjana Dimitrijević is a talented and ambitious actress, constantly in a hurry and in new roles. She performs in theater plays and movies, on television, radio and never has time for other activities, but she gladly goes to a neighbor who is completely different from her and attracts her very much with his culinary skills. Slobodan Radeta is a professional chef with many years of experience, known to the public for his cooking school, which has trained hundreds of amateur students, but also more professional chefs. His superb cuisine and specialties fascinate everyone through a charming presentation, so the chemistry between Tatjana and Sloba grows from episode to episode.
Number of episodes:22
Duration:up to 25 minutes
Genre: – entertainment
– culinary TV show
Subtitles:on request